B5=More Opinion/Longer Data For Videos

UPDATE: 19 APR 2018 AT 3.51PM


B5 IS OTHER PART OF B4. The difference is B5 can write longer articles and It may become continuation for chosen matter at B4:

The better philosophy comes from better knowledge but the truth is very important to get best philosophy. Become know everything you need not reason you have the job related it but you have to make your life more perfect. Here is the place as one chosen source that can improve your realization quality. If you listen to any music that illicit like love song to women, you waste your time and force your office/unit/department pay the electril bill [waste your office money]. If you join any illicit activities including stupid or not very important or not necessary [not emergency to do] as your culture at your work place, you also waste your time, energy and waste that money. The culture is like “bidaah sesat dalam perkhidmatan awam”, a matter that I was very hate it. So hate very much!! As you know, you tube is the source that has most videos in the world and cause it also had most various videos.But how many person realize that we can translate you tube videos so that it give bigger meaning to our lives? Hence, I will try to make this become reality through any new post.If you see “[=] ” below, is mean this video has its translation at the post.However the translation may not 100%.

Click the bottom links for improve your realization now:

1=10 tanda hari kiamat oleh ustaz Zulkifli M Ali
[10 doomsday signal by Ustaz Zulkifli M Ali. I have ability to translate this video with video creator………but I have not. Can you make it?]
2= In 1000 muslims who move at as siraath bridge, only one will safe, other 999 will fall to hell!!

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